Akhy Mjanja
Loh Njeri

Loh Njeri

Loh Njeri was at a situational crossroad like the confounded Hyena in African folklore, an undeserved situation for a simple country girl like her whose biggest ambition was to excel in tailoring and dressmaking and house-wifing, not get caught between a clash of two dynamic cultural forces, one pulling her to embrace change and diversity while the other insisting on a mundane yet comforting status quo.

writers writer

The Writer’s Writer

There is, i tend to think, for every writer in the world, another writer higher in the pecking order of Scribe-hood whom they feel is the ultimate scribe, the real deal, someone who just happens to be more articulate, more sentimental and possesses within themselves the incredible power and ability to breath life into words and characters like no one else.



This girl Akinyi, I hurt her. Yes I did, yet in my exonerated guilt I have managed to beat myself up as I should, give my ego a pep talk about how terribly ungentlemanly my conduct had been, how very sanctimonious of me to hurt such a sweet soul. It is such conduct; I believe that would make my late mother shake her head disapprovingly in her grave.

hips do lie

Hips do lie!

The day was hot as stink. A degree more and the steel buildings would start to melt.

Mike was hiding from the scorching sun under a half decade old concrete canopy at Posta just across No Maneno Bazaar, Mombasa town. The heat was seething, unrelenting and hard to evade. He had already downed one and half liters of hech two oh which now nested in his bladder like a brooding chicken.

art of love

Art of Love

Have you ever loved someone so much, adored them without any reservations and demarcations, revered them in all colors and scents of adoration that you just wanted to let them go?

ewonderhub blogger recognition-award

Ewonderhub Blogger Award

Among the awesome bloggers i got to follow while participating in the A to Z April blogging challenge was Marie. Her blog was only two months old when she started the challenge, so that came as a baptism of fire! She is a survivor because honestly blogging everyday is not a simple task. Marie has graciously nominated me for the Ewonderhub Blogger Award!

Mombasa- A diverse Art Hub.

Mombasa- A diverse Art Hub.

The BAKE awards have come and gone, celebrations are in order not only for the winners but also for the other nominees who made it that far amid stiff competition from equally determined foes.

half life

Half life

Benson was not supposed to die today, not to the best of his knowledge and that unmistakable, ever reliable, subtle gut feeling. He had looked right, left and right again, and there were no signs of death, not even presentiment lurking behind a corner. Nothing.

killer lyrics

Killer lyrics.

There is a woman who lives inside my husband’s head and takes holiday vacations in his heart. Tomorrow is the day I am going to kill her, get rid of her for good.

A-to-Z Reflection [2016]

AtoZ Challenge reflections.

April came and went so fast, didn’t even stop long enough to have a chit chat about how it had been since 2015; it was carried away by a maniacal devil wind which dumped it into a ‘monthsite’ for retrieval in a year’s time, and with it went the enticing, enthralling April A to Z Challenge!

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